JAM Ltd. Technology



JAM Consulting LLC (dba JAM, Ltd.) was formed in 1996 to continue development, patent and commercialize its internal

combustion engine technology.



JAM Consulting LLC was initially developed for V-Twin motorcycle engines to solve poor fuel efficiency and low power problems.

The success of the implemented technology in the V-Twin gasoline engines gave the company impetus to continue development

and implement the same technology for diesel and gaseous fueled internal combustion engines.



To continue development of JAM, Ltd, a dynamometer/emissions test cell was set up in Reno, Nevada giving JAM, Ltd. the

ability to validate and develop the technology in a controlled environment.


The first JAM, Ltd. engine test utilized a Cummins B Series 5.9 12 valve diesel engine. This engine was selected due to results

from early testing on farm equipment utilizing this engine and also because of the 5.9 engine’s multiple stationary, off-road

and on-road uses.  During the development and testing of the Cummins 5.9 engine a considerable reduction of emissions

were realized (significantly the reduction of NOx simultaneously with reductions in other criteria emissions) in conjunction

with increased power and lower fuel consumption.


The data from the diesel engine, both internal and independently verified by a EPA/CARB certified lab, was presented to

companies within the oil & gas industry using natural gas fueled engines for pipeline gas compression. Based on this test

data, JAM, Ltd. was given an opportunity to test and validate it's technology in a CAT G3516 TALE engine. This engine incorporated

JAM, Ltd. and was independently tested on site resulting in lower emissions than the lowest emission CAT G3516 ULB

(Ultra Lean Burn) engine. This engine has continued to run at this site with consistent results for approximately 38,000 plus hours.


Development projects in process include:


·    High altitude/low emission transit bus applications for diesel and natural gas engines (25,580 hours of run time).

·    Landfill methane gas fueled low emission/reduced maintenance electric generation engines (12,500 hours of operation.)

·    Mining haul truck high efficiency/low emission engines (17,570 hours of run time)


Owner: Joe Malfa – Owner / Inventor – 40 years in the automotive industry. Inventor and innovator on development of intellectual

property related to internal combustion engines. Experience includes technical training development and customer relations for

Porsche Cars North America and director of corporate programs for development of business and technical programs for college curriculum.

Expertise in internal Combustion engines, engine flow dynamics, automotive electrical systems, and vehicle emission testing. For more

information on JAM, Ltd technology, click on JAM, Ltd Technology.