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All new for the 02-04 Indian Chief Powerplus 100. The pipe is designed around the Powerplus by RB-Racing. Who else would you want to build your pipe? RB-Racing is well know for their inovative design and performance combinations. For Pricing and more information, call JAM, Ltd.at 775-323-9035 or e-mail to info@jamltd.com.

The pipes are available in four designs.
-Slash-cut turn out (pictured)
-Slash -cut turn down.

The pipes made to easy to install with the swival primary tubes and slip on collector. They require no exhaust gaskets for the heads. These are made to self seal against the exhaust port.

I want to thank Kevin Kephart for using his Indian Chief for the development and testing of this new pipe. Thanks to Kevin, we now have a true pipe build for the Powerplus engine. This pipe has a unique collector that is side by side design arrangement. The entire pipe assembly just slips together easily and installs in less time then the OEM system.

Kevin has played a hugh part in the research and develpoment for the Indian Powerplus. He is willing to take new ideas and designs and use them to better the product as a whole. We at JAM, Ltd. are thankful for his enthusium and committment to make the Indian Chief Powerplus a true force in the V-Twin market place.