Indian Spirit 2001 to 2004




The Indian Spirit that was produced by the Gilroy factory first made it intro in to the market in 2001. It was similar to the Scout in many was with the exception of the front and rear fenders, and the front suspension. The front fork were wides to accept the 16 inch front tire. Designed as a middle weight cruiser, the Spirit had it's place for those who want a lighter bike but has the features of a larger cruiser. It was introduced with a wet clutch primary (same as the 2002 and later Chief. In 2002 all the Indian line up used the wet clutch system. The spirit was offered with solid and two tone paint. You could purchase the Spirit in the standard configuration or as a "Road Master" like the 2002 Indian Chief. Weighing in at 626 lbs, the bike handled well and had plenty of power. The engine was the same as the Scout, a S&S Super Stock fitted with Thunder Heart ignition system and a S&S Super "E" carburetor. It used a constant mesh 5 speed transmission made by ILM and had a 32 degree rake with a 5.25 trail in the front suspension. It used 16 inch x 3.5 - 60 spoke rims The wheel base was 67 inches long with a rider friendly seat height of just 28 inches. The brake system was like the Scout in that it used Thunder Heart rear master cylinders and front and rear calipers. The master cylinder for the front brake was made by Zodiac. Single disc brake front and rear. Belt drive with a ratio of 32 to 65 on the pulleys. Nice bike for the rider who want less weight and the 16 inch tires front and rear as opposed to the scout with 40 spoke rims - 16 inch rear wheel and a 19 inch front.

2002 Spirit Commemorative Edition

2002 Indian Spirit Standard

2003 Spirit Deluxe

2003 Spirit Road Master