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JAM, Ltd. offers components and assistance in troubleshooting your electrical system. As with all vehicles, age begins to take its toll on the electrical systems. One of the main areas that can cause issues may simply be the main chassis grounds, i.e. battery negative from the battery to the chassis and subsequently to the transmission. The current draw on these cable over time begins to increase circuit current draw. When this happen, the available voltage necessary for starter system will drop. As an example, during the cranking mode, if the voltage drops below 10 volts, the starter will turn the engine over slower. In addition, the available voltage for the ignition module is also affected. The ignition module has a protection circuit. If the battery the voltage drops below 9.7 volts during the cranking mode, power for the ignition module is shut down. When it reaches this point, the engine may turn over, but the required voltage for the ignition module is below the voltage required to operate the ignition system successfully.

We suggest installing auxiliary relays for the following circuits. Headlight and passing lamps, reason for this upgrade is related to the type and wattage of bulbs used these days. A 55 watt passing lamp (normally 25 watts) and 28/100 headlight bulbs (normally 55/80) draw more current and subsequently tax the wiring harness of the left handle bar. The installation of a relay minimizes the load on those circuits.

The starter circuit is another circuit that we suggest install a additional relay for. The reason for this relay is to protect the start circuit inside the Electronic Harness Controller (EHC) located under the dash panel. The starter relay is plugged into the EHC on the underside. This relay is handling a lot of current. With the additional relay install near the starter, the relay that normally handles the starting circuit, is now a low current relay that triggers the secondary relay to activate the high current side for the starter solenoid. This connection take the load off the relay under the dash. This extends the life of the relay and prevents a voltage drop that can occur when trying to start the engine.

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